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Coco’s House, located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, features a perfect marriage between vintage and modern glam home decor. A meticulously curated blend of luxury refinished furniture, home products, artisan collectibles and gifts. Also offering bespoke services.



We understand what it’s like to have a vision in your head. That perfectly upholstered couch or a dresser that fits the space just right. Tell us your vision and we can work on making it a reality together! We specialize in custom pieces in variety of unique colors, finishes, and textures to fit what you have in mind and if we don’t have it we can look for it as well.


Cocos House features a rotating collection of a variety of styles from periods passed. Each piece is as unique as the store itself. The overall aesthetic compiled in such a way that you’ll feel transported to a better time with each piece for your home.


Whether you’re looking to accessorize, furnish or be inspired, one of our House Stylists will come into your home and help create a space that reflects you.


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